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We have recently raised a $2.8M seed round from two of the most respected venture firms on the planet - Sequoia & Lightspeed, and have the support from highly respected angels like Amy Chang, Jake Seid, Ellen Levy, Krish & Raman. Read more →

We are redefining the way sales and customer success teams interact with Salesforce!

📖 Our story

The problem

Salesforce is clunky, boring, and with an interface from the 90s

As ex-Salesforce users, we developed a love-hate relationship with it. We absolutely loved how powerful it is but were equally annoyed by how challenging it is for anyone to use. Imagine investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in implementing Salesforce, and still not getting your ideal ROI. So not cool ...

The solution

Rattle makes Slack the new interface for Salesforce

In a remote working world, we already are living 24x7 in Slack. So we thought, why not bring Salesforce to Slack. We let users manage anything in Salesforce without ever leaving Slack. And when we rolled this out to beta users, the love was insane and instantaneous (which it still is BTW).

Our vision

But we don't stop here. Our north star is to make messaging apps the new UI for enterprise software.


Watch what we are building Rattle Introduction Video

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